The Sisters of Charity Foundation of Canton

Responsive grants fund requests from established organizations. Organizations that are newly formed or have budgets of under $100,000[1] are not eligible (please refer to Good Samaritan grant program guidelines). As the board of directors periodically refines its areas of interest, the Foundation may limit the number of responsive proposals it accepts to those that specifically complement its strategic direction.

The Foundation staff review Responsive requests on a rolling basis.

Examples of past Responsive grants:

  • Golden Key Center for Exceptional Children: $16,058 to support a program to help children with food issues
  • Hannah's House 119: $15,000 to support in-school and after-school mentoring programs
  • Phoenix Rising Behavioral Health & Recovery: $10,900 to support the purchase and installation of safety glass in the reception area
  • Stark County Hunger Task Force: $15,000 to support the kids' pantry for its Backpacks for Kids program

[1]  An organization’s budget should be based on sources of income in the previous year with a modest increase.  If the organization is new, then the budget should be based on potential funding sources exclusive of Sisters of Charity Foundation funding.