Once an organization has determined that it is eligible, the next step is to complete the Letter of Inquiry (LOI) form. A LOI form is required to be considered for a grant. The LOI form helps our staff determine whether the organization and request align with the Foundation’s mission and guidelines. The form must be submitted through our online system. You will receive a response to your LOI form within two weeks of submission.

LOI forms are accepted on a rolling basis; organizations are encouraged to submit earlier than the due dates.

Due Dates: Good Samaritan: May 1 and November 1
Responsive: February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1

Please note: once you start a Letter of Inquiry, it must be submitted within 90 days or the information will be deleted. If you have questions or technical issues, please contact Grants Manager Anne Savastano at asavastano@scfcanton.org or at (330) 454-5800, ext. 304.